Lihu‘e Hongwanji Women’s Association

Kauai United BWA Scholarship Information


There will be a maximum of two scholarships given, in the amount of $1000.

Please be aware of the rules.  A few of the rules are listed below.

Please download and print the necessary information on all four PDF documents below.



  • Applicant must be a senior in high school
  • Applicant for this scholarship must be a student in good standing of the Honpa Hongwanji in the County of Kauai.
  •  Applicant must be of good moral character with above average record in scholastic standing.
  • Applicant must show cause to be deserving of the scholarship.

Please note that the letter of application for the scholarship, Part A Application form, Part B Parent’s Confidential Statement and transcripts must be post-marked not later than


April 20, 2018                   send to:  Mrs. Betsy Uyematsu

                                                      PO Box 641

                                                       Lihue, HI  96766


Please contact Rev. Takahashi, Lihue Hongwanji, at

245-6262 if you have questions or wish to pick up copies of the applications.

Scholarship Part A.pdf
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Scholarship Part B .pdf
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Scholarship Part C Personal Letter .pdf
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Scholarship Part D rules .pdf
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LHWA Installation, January 7, 2018

Officers LHWA, 2018
 President Lynette Mizuo
First VP Karen Nishimoto
Second VP Edith Ushio
Recording Secretary Gladys Fujiuchi



Janet Niitani

Charlotte Yasumoto


Yoko Takabayashi

Assistant Treasurer 

Arlene Fujikawa


Carolyn Yamasaki

Diane Fukuyama


Rev. Kazunori Takahashi

Kauai United Buddhist Women's Association, Fall Conference


A wonderful opening service was held in the WKHM Hanapepe temple.  Following the service, we went to the Social Hall for refreshments and a business meeting. New officers were elected for the Kauai United Hongwanji BWA for the next two years.  The new officers are:  President Lynne Matsumura, VP Shirley Kakuda, Secretary Carol Valentine, Treasurer Faye Tateishi and Auditors Carol Paler & Roberta Yanagawa.  Rev. Kazunori Takahashi will be the Ministerial Advisor.


Following the business meeting we were treated to a presentation from Janice Bond, as a representative of AARP, who spoke about Fraud Protection.  She spoke as a representative of AARP and shared stories of fraud, scammers, and identity theft to help us all become aware of how easy it is to fall for those scams. 


Fraud Protection advice (Please read and post by your phone and/or computer):


ü  Be aware and vigilant on the internet and with social media; you cannot believe everything you read or the stories people tell.


ü  Be aware of phone calls you receive from people you do not personally know; not everyone is calling to help you or even has your best interests at heart.


ü  Remember, the IRS, your Credit Card company or Medicare will NEVER call you to ask you for your social security number or your credit card number.  They will NEVER ask you to pay for anything with an untraceable prepaid debit card or a money order.  Hang up.


ü  Microsoft will NEVER call you to let you know they have found a virus on your computer; do not give them access to your computer.  Hang up.


ü  It is possible to contact your credit card company and ask them to put a fraud alert on your account.  In this case, the credit card company would call you if there is a suspicious charge being placed on your card.  Again, the credit card company will NEVER ask for your social security number or your credit card number.


ü  In 2018, Medicare will send out new Medicare cards, without using social security numbers.  These new cards will be sent to you automatically.  Scammers know this and are now calling people to “help” them get their new cards.  If you have a phone call from someone promising help with your new Medicare card, don’t give them any information, simply hang up.


ü  If you receive suspicious phone calls or if you are a victim of a scam, please contact the Federal Trade Commission at   


ü  If you fall victim to Identity Theft, please check out for forms and information


ü  To read more about the latest scams, check out


Following Janice’s key note speech, an ono-licious lunch was enjoyed, along with desserts provided by some of the attendees.  After lunch Fay & Laurie Tateishi gave the group a demonstration of okoshi making and we all were able to take home a small packet of the delicious okoshi for ourselves. 

Hawaii Buddhist Women's Association Fall 2017 Newsletter
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Kauai United Buddhist Women's Association Eshinni-Kakushinni Service,

held at Lihue Hongwanji Buddhist Temple on April 23, 2017. 

The speaker was Carol Valentine, of Lihue Hongwanji.