From Rev. Yuika Hasebe, Chair of State Ministers Association


Dear Family and Friends of the Hongwanji Sangha,


The State Ministers’ Association endeavors to find new ways to keep sharing the Dharma. As a result, we would like to introduce Live Streaming of Sunday Services through the Hongwanji YouTube channel and HHMH website. (Videos will be available live as well as later on).


Please access the links below:

Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii YouTube channel DNlf19Pyg


Or the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii website


The schedule of speakers is as follows: 

3/22    10:00 AM      Bishop Eric Matsumoto (HQ)


3/29   10:00 AM      Rev. Kazunori Takahashi (HQ)


4/5     10:00 AM      Rev. Jeffrey Soga (Waipahu Hongwanji &   Waianae Hongwanji)


4/12    10:00 AM     Rev. David Fujimoto (Mililani Hongwanji & Ewa Hongwanji


4/19     10:00 AM     Rev. Shawn Yagi (Aiea Hongwanji)


4/26     10:00 AM     Rev. Kojun Hashimoto (Wahiawa Hongwanji & Waialua Hongwanji


5/3        10:00 AM     Rev. Sol Kalu (Hawaii Betsuin)


5/10      10:00 AM     Rimban Toyokazu Hagio (Hawaii Betsuin)

(Speakers are subject to change) 


Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to it to continue receiving updates and notifications of new videos! DNlf19Pyg




1. Leader:

Namo Amida Butsu


I recite Amida's Name.

With deep joy and gratitude,

I gassho to Amida.


2. Trees and grasses and flowers

All grow in Great Compassion.

This Light shines throughout the world.

I gassho to Amida.


3. Flowers bloom and flowers fall;

From the seeds sprout new flowers;

This is the Truth unchanging.

I gassho to Amida.


4. Springtime brings the happy birds,

Their songs all praise Amida;

I join them in Nembutsu.

I gassho to Amida.


5. When I call Amida's Name

It's Amida calling me;

Buddha's voice, my voice are one.

I gassho to Amida.


















6. When I'm lonely I recite

Namo Amida Butsu,

Then I feel Great Compassion.

I gassho to Amida.


7. Nembutsu in work and play,

Every day with Amida,

Every moment filled with Light.

I gassho to Amida.


8. Remember the Golden Chain,

"Kindness to all living things."

I will follow this teaching.

I gassho to Amida.


9. In the clear bright morning sun,

In the fading light of day,

In the darkness of the night,

I gassho to Amida.


10. Namo Amida Butsu

I live in Great Compassion.

This great power guides my life.

I gassho to Amida.











The virtue of Amida's Vow



Is shared equally by all;

Together attaining Awakened Mind,

We are born in the Land of Peace.





Golden Chain of Love

 and Reflections by Dr. Benjamin Bruch



I am a link

in Amida Buddha’s Golden Chain of Love

that stretches around the world.

I must keep my link bright

and strong.







I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing




and protect all who are weaker than myself.







I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts,





to say pure and beautiful words,








and to do pure and beautiful deeds,



knowing that on what I do now

depends not only my happiness or unhappiness

but also that of others.






May every link in Amida’s Golden Chain of Love

be bright and strong

and may we all attain

perfect peace.



Everyone is interconnected.

Everyone is equally deserving of love and care,

and our compassion must reach out to embrace all life, everywhere.

I will reach for courage and resilience when times are dark.

I will do what I can to protect my own health, to stay safe, and to provide for those who depend on me.


I will be considerate of others’ needs, take only my fair share, and be a good steward of resources and of the environment.


I will follow precautions like social distancing so that I can protect those in my community who are most at risk. I will make sure that our society respects and provides for those who are less privileged than I am.


I will encourage my mind to focus on finding practical solutions, even on a small scale, and release anxiety about events outside my control.


I will look for ways to support and encourage others in challenging times. I will share helpful and accurate information with my community, and offer comfort and compassion to myself and to all who feel anger, frustration, or fear.


I will seek ways to take actions that benefit others, even if that means staying home.


I will make these choices because everything I choose to do today

will affect my future journey through this life,

and will also affect the health and well-being of my family, my community, humanity, and the Earth.


Let us work together to help all beings

be comforted, calm, safe, and well,

so that we can build a world

governed by peace, compassion, and respect for all.



The reflection, by Dr. Benjamin Bruch, is written as a parallel text for the “Golden Chain of Love.” He has graciously shared it with the Hongwanji community, crediting his colleague Trelawney Grenfell-Muir for her invaluable input. Mahalo to Dr. Ben for sharing his deep reflection. May it enhance our appreciation of the “Golden Chain of Love” and the strength and guidance we can draw from this beloved gatha in challenging times.



Please check on the Kauai Government website for updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Kauai.

Please check on the Honpa Hongwanji website for COVID-19 information.

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